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Reach for the sky
We believe that with the right partner, everyone can make progress, and Sky Targets is the right partner for you. Become an investor at Sky Targets, and start working on your capital's growth. The sky is the limit!
Be part of the change
Sky Targets is constantly looking for investment opportunities in ventures and initiatives which drive economic growth and social development around the globe. 


Who we are: Our Company

Sky Targets is a privately held investment firm, founded a decade ago and led by an independent Board of Directors, which is responsible for the protection of each the investor's interest.

Our senior management team focuses on our investors' most important issues and are constantly on the look for investment and growth opportunities, especially on technologies and ventures focused on environmentally friendly practices and social initiatives. 

What we aim for: Our goals

For us at Sky Targets, our investors' goals are our aim and target. That was our motivation to start our company 10 years ago, and our investors' goals are what still continues to drive us now. We believe that with the right partner, everyone can make achieve growth, and we are the right partner for you.

What we believe in: Our approach

At Sky Targets, we aim to contribute to the quality of our social surroundings in order to create healthy communities and livable cities, not only locally but also globally.

With this goal in mind, we work with organizations which use financial services to deliver sustainable economic and environmental development, and by that, helping the economy and meeting the needs of populations and groups which are less fortunate. 


At Sky Targets, we strive to find and select the most brilliant and potentially successful ideas developed in the market by companies, startups and individuals and to share those opportunities with our investors. Our investors and consultants bring deep understanding of the global market and broad international experience.

What we do: Our services

Sky Targets offers investment consulting and management services to corporate and private clients looking to invest in the fields on sustainability, environment and social development.

Among our professional services:
• Investment management
• Investment portfolio strategy
• Investment consulting
• Financial consulting  

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